↓ PDF ╳ close White Bra, 2006 Downtown Cairo, Summer 2000 digital video, 13 mins Synopsis White Bra recalls an incident from the past of the city, a mundane, insignificant one in the big scheme of what can be considered “history”, but a marking one in the life of the people who went through it. This video performance developed through improvisation in collaboration with two theatre actors from Cairo. At the outset of the process, there was only the hearsay about what happened in the summer of 2000. At the end, their dialogue and performance is a collage of everyday talk that offers clues on tradition, prevalent social norms, police corruption among other things. This work is part of a bigger project entitled “On refrains, sets and a backdrop” that touches on and individual’s relation to the social and physical structure that is a city that is as all engulfing as Cairo.
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